October 1950 Machine factory in Sukenobu-cho (Hamamatsu) by Sadayoshi Sakurai(founder) mainly for processing automobile parts.
January 1953 Reorganized into a joint-stock company
November 1953 Reorganized into a stock company with a capital of 2 million JPY
March 1958 Manufacturing of rotary milling machines commenced
October 1963 Merger with Sakurai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo),
reaching a capital of 50 million JPY.
December 1963 Stocks registered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (for OTC trading)
36,300 m2 of land acquired in Handa-cho, Hamamatsu City for factory site (current Funaoka Factory location)
August 1964 Funaoka factory operation commenced
November 1968 Acquired 2,962㎡ of land and factory in Hikima-cho, Hamamatsu City
March 1969 Operation of the Hikima factory as a parts processing factory commenced
October 1970 Capital increased to 100 million JPY
November 1970 Machine tool manufacturing plant at Funaoka factory opened
July 1973 2,460m2 of land and factory in Haruno-cho, Shuchi-gun,
Shizuoka Pref. (current Hamamatsu City) purchased
Operations commenced
December 1974 Started sales of warp pattern circular knitting machines
October 1980 Started production of multi-axis head changing machine TURREX
January 1981 Head office established in Sukenobu-cho, Hamamatsu City
December 1985 Capital increased to 200.7 million JPY
July 1988 Purchased 35,995m2 of land in Hosoe-cho industrial park in Inasa-gun
(current Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City) , construction of a parts factory started.
March 1989 Main factory moved (Sukenobu factory and Hikima factory) to Hosoe factory and operation commenced.
February 1992 Funaoka factory expansion completed
February 1993 Completion of new Hosoe Factory plant No. 2
December 1993 Closure of Haruno Factory and integration into Hosoe Factory
April 1999 Head Office moved to Funaoka Factory site in Handacho, Hamamatsu City
September 1999 ISO9001 certification acquired
March 2000 Subsidiary SAKURAI U.S.A., CO. established in the United States
March 2001 ISO14001 certification acquired
May 2002 Subsidiary SAKURAI VIETNAM CO., LTD. established in Vietnam
December 2004 OTC trade registration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association
terminated. Shares listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange (currently Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard))
July 2005 New 896m2 Hosoe factory office for parts processing division completed
October 2005 Subsidiary SAKURAI VIETNAM CO., LTD.
Phase 2 factory (4,500m2) completed
March 2007 Expansion of Hosoe Plant No. 2 completed
September 2013 Subsidiary SAKURAI (THAILAND) LTD. in Thailand established
July 2017 Liquidation of subsidiary SAKURAI (THAILAND) LTD.
July 2018 Completion of construction of Hosoe Plant No. 3,
Parts Processing Division
August 2018 Capital decreased to 100 million JPY
October 2020 Sakurai Seisakusho 70th anniversary celebrated