In today’s world where information can be accessed from anywhere in the world in an instant, adopting a global perspective and looking to a global marketplace offers a door to the future. At SAKURAI, we are reading the changing times accurately, and will use the advanced technological development capabilities unique to us to consecutively offer high-value-added products to the global market. In this process the skill of flexible thinking possible with human craftsmanship will be concentrated, and our ‘customer first’ corporate identity will continue to thrive.

SAKURAI continues to move forward always at the forefront of a new era, with hopes of a prosperous society bolstered by the development of precision parts processing and machine tools.


Our company is composed by two departments, parts processing for automobiles, motorcycles and general-purpose machine parts, and machine tool manufacturing and sales. In addition to our two factories in Hamamatsu City, we also have a production base in Vietnam, as well as a sales base in Ohio, USA. The parts processing department processes parts for large-sized products that require precision and high quality, mainly engine parts and transmission parts. The machine tool department handles everything from design to manufacturing, from single machine production to large-scale machine line systems. We have an integrated production system that spans from manufacturing to installation and are proud to say that our development and technical capabilities are highly praised. At SAKURAI, our business is not based on simply selling products, rather, we are dedicated to developing proposals that reflect our rich know-how in this field, to create products that will bring value to buyers all over the world.


As demand and production in the automobile industry (and related industries) is expanding in emerging countries, domestic production volume and overheads are likely to remain unfavorable. Due to these circumstances, we are also looking to expand into non-automobile related fields, with our in-house developed 5-axis machine as a prime example of one of the tools that we will use to do so. We are also striving to strengthen our business efforts overseas, focusing on Asian countries, and to continue to be of service to our clients.


My many thanks to all those who continue support us and use our products.


Seiji Sakurai
Representative Director and President


Management Policy

SAKURAI engages in business activities in the name of our mission, ‘to make a worthy contribution to society through manufacturing’.

  1. Being of service to society
  2. Being of service to customers/clients
  3. Technology development
  4. Personal development