You can trust us with your machine tools needs. At SAKURAI we can offer you new proposals to suit your needs or offer advice on how to effectively optimize current equipment in use.
Feel free to contact us if you are experiencing issues with any of our equipment, as well as equipment by other manufacturers!
We leave no stone unturned in our post-sales care, especially in North America!


Main Operations

Sakurai Seisakusho Manufactured Items

1. Equipment/unit sales
2. Equipment/unit installation
3. Equipment modification
4. Inspection/maintenance
5. Overhaul
6. Parts procurement
7. Automation (robots, gantry loaders, etc.)


Non-Sakurai Seisakusho manufactured items (machining centers & other various devices)

1. Equipment sales/remodeling
2. Jigs design & production
3. Tool layout
4. Tool arrangement/tool setting
5. Unit/jig loading/debugging work
6. Machining accuracy adjustment
7. Electric circuit design/modification
8. Automation (robots, gantry loaders, etc.)



1. Modifications of other manufacturer’s specialized machines
2. Import and sales of other manufacturer’s products
3. Dispatch worker arrangements
(Machining program/debugging, sequence program, control panel modification/electrical design, robot teaching, etc.)



5650 Blazer Parkway,Suite 151,Dublin,OH 43017 U.S.A.

Daisuke Suzuki