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Aiming to be your true partner company

SAKURAI has accumulated a plethora of experience and know-how in regard to part manufacturing and for products that require complex processing and high-quality results, mainly for automobiles, industrial machinery, and aerospace machines. SAKURAI can meet a variety of needs, all the way from product prototyping to mass production and service parts production.

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Parts processing

1. Process design
Based on the blueprints shared with us by our client, we design the ideal process referring to past production experience to guarantee and maintain high precision and high-quality throughout.

2. Preparation of cutting tools and jigs
Cutting tools and jigs that will be needed in the process are considered before proceeding to design and manufacture them in-house.
*Commercially available cutting tools and materials are purchased.
*Purchase of other equipment is considered in accordance with needs of each process.

3. Processing
Machining centers are mainly used for cutting.
SAKURAI’s own dedicated machines to achieve efficient processing depending on the requirements. Before production commences, a trial run is carried out, and product processing as per the customer’s needs is performed

4. Inspection/Measurement
Based on the blueprints shared with us by our client, we inspect and measure whether the desired product has been accurately achieved

5. Shipping
Shipping and overall production schedules are consolidated by our production control staff, to ensure products are delivered safely to our customers.

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Reasons to choose SAKURAI


1. An ability to carry out a wide variety of parts processing

At SAKURAI, we process a wide variety of parts in machining using our machining center. The parts we produce are used in various fields, mainly for automobiles, industrial machinery, and aerospace machinery.

2. Professional parts processing team to meet your needs

In order to be able to cater to the various needs of our clients ranging from prototypes, to mass production, service parts, and more, SAKURAI is constantly improving our technical capabilities and building a quality assurance and production system that prioritizes safety.

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