Hanoi, Vietnam, a prominent city in Southeast Asia was chosen to set up a SAKURAI subsidiary in 2002, when the in-house overseas strategy system was put in place. The subsidiary “SAKURAI VIETNAM” was established to serve as a production base for motorcycles and automobiles, as well as functioning as a hub to expanding international business.

The Hanoi factory is fully equipped with an M/C line and equipment made in-house, and has been given the mission to respond timely to the needs of Japan and the remaining global market.


Additionally, a new challenge for the Hanoi factory is to be able to handle the entire process from procurement of raw materials domestically in Vietnam to the final stages of manufacturing, thus being able to launch SAKURAI VIETNAM products to the global market.


Automobile Department

SAKURAI VIETNAM’s boasts an extensive track record for its processing of parts central to automobiles, such as cylinder blocks and transmission products. By accumulating a wealth of experience in processing technology and establishing a mass production system, we can now provide high-precision functional parts to customers all around the world, including overseas automobile manufacturers.





Motorcycle Department

As for motorcycle-related products, we mainly mass-produce engine-related products. We have deployed a production system that responds to the need for even higher precision and have established a flexible system that can handle a wide variety of products.



General-purpose Items

At SAKURAI VIETNAM we also produce general-purpose engine parts for agriculture and other uses. High-quality components are essential for products where reliability is a requisite.







Other products manufactured include parts for forklifts, motor cases, and gas meter parts. SAKURA VIETNAM can cater to the needs of a wide range of fields by making use in-house developed precision parts processing technology.






Item Machine Name MC Model Maker Qty Nomal range
1 #30 Vertical Machine center EV-360 Enshu 13 X600*Y360*Z300
2 #30 Vertical Machine center TC-S2A Brother 5 X480*Y360*Z270
3 #40 Vertical Machine center ES-450 Enshu 5 X650* Y425*Z460
4 #40 Vertical Machine center MX-45HA-R Okuma 1 X560 *Y460*Z450
5 #40 Vertical Machine center EV450Te Enshu 1 X560 *Y450*Z460
6 #40 Vertical Machine center YMZ-850 Yamasaki 2 X800 *Y500*Z500
7 #50 Vertical Machine center MV45 Moriseiki 2 X820*Y450*Z450
8 #50 Vertical Machine center MV65 Moriseiki 1 X1524*Y650*Z650
9 #50 Vertical Machine center FCN106 Makino 1 X820*Y530*Z510
10 #50 Vertical Machine center EV530 Enshu 2 X820*Y530*Z510
11 #50 Vertical Machine center EV650 Enshu 1 X1,600*Y650*Z660(Table -2000 x650 )
12 #50 Vertical Machine center MC-60VAE Okuma 1 X1500*Y630*Z610
13 #50 Vertical Machine center DCV-3021B YCM 1 X3060* Y2100*Z900
14 #50 Vertical Machine center F8 Makino 1 X1300* Y800*Z650
15 #30 Horizontal Machine center JE-30S Enshu 4 X500*Y350*Z300
16 #40 Horizontal Machine center GE460H Enshu 2 X600*Y600*Z610
17 #40 Horizontal Machine center GE480H Enshu 1 X800*Y800*Z830
18 #40 Horizontal Machine center MX-40HA Okuma 7 X560*Y610*Z560
19 #50 Horizontal Machine center MA-600HB Okuma 3 X1000*Y900*Z1000
20 #50 Horizontal Machine center NH5000 DCG Moriseiki 1 X730*Y730*Z850
21 #50 Horizontal Machine center GE580H Enshu 2 X800*Y800*Z830
22 #50 Horizontal Machine center PM500 OKK 2 X650*Y600*Z600
23 Vertical CNC Milling SEV-B Enshu 2 X700*Y300*Z400
24 Vertical CNC Milling SEV Enshu 1 X750*Y320*Z400
25 Vertical CNC Milling SBV400 Enshu 1 X900*Y400*Z250
26 Horizontal CNC Lathe LCS-25 Okuma 1 X220*Z520( Out side-390 H480 )
27 Horizontal CNC Lathe LCS-15 Okuma 1
28 Vertical CNC Lathe VL-25 Okuma 1 X255*Z470( Table-300-Out side 450-H420)
29 Vertical CNC Lathe V760EX Okuma 1 X640*Z660 (Table Φ 600 )
30 Vertical CNC Lathe V60R Okuma 1 X640*Z660 (Table Φ 600 )
31 Vertical CNC Lathe V100R Okuma 1 X1074*Z900( Table Φ 1000 )
32 Rotary machine RMW-860 Sakurai 1 Φ860 Table
33 Rotary machine RMW-1200 Sakurai 5 Φ1200 Table
34 Rotary machine RMW-1500 Sakurai 2 Φ1500 Table
35 Surface grinding machine PSG-157,208 Okamoto 1 X1650*Y730*Z950
36 External grinding machine GE4P-100 Toyoda 1
37 Lathe machine LR-55A Wasino 1
38 Lathe machine TAL-510 Takisawa 1
39 Radial drilling machine DMB Teizinseiki Okuma 1
40 Honing machine ND 335S Fuji 1
41 CNC Coordinate measuring machine EURO-M7106 Mitutoyo 1 X700* Y1000*Z600
42 CNC Coordinate measuring machine CRYSTA-Apex S Mitutoyo 1 X1200*Y2000*Z1000
43 CNC Coordinate measuring machine CONTURA G2 ZEISS 1 X1000*Y1200*Z600
44 Surface Measuring machine Surfcom 480A Tokyo seimitsu 1 X100
45 Contracer CBH-400 WX-2352 Mitutoyo 1
46 Tool presetter machine TP-300N Nihon ID System 1
47 Hardness testing DT-H Saito tech 1
48 Drying oven DS400 DS400 Yamato 1

As of Aug 2018Summary

#30 Vertical Machine center 18
#40 Vertical Machine center  9
#50 Vertical Machine center 10
Vertical CNC Lathe  4
#30 Horizontal Machine center  4
#40 Horizontal Machine center 10
#50 Horizontal Machine center  8
Horizontal CNC Lathe  2